Meet The Otters

Major Mango

Major Mango heard the call of duty when she was still a pup and said, “Roger that!”

A strong female otter from the Chicago River, Major Mango has dedicated her life to helping otters in need.  Respected for her tremendous bravery and her kind heart, she’s a Search and Rescue specialist – a First Responder who uses her precision parachuting skills to jump into the heart of danger and bring others to safety.

Born on the 4th of July, her favorite movies are any action flicks starring Kook and her favorite color is camouflage. She’s a lover of tradition and a modern woman rolled into one.  With her high-level access to cool gadgets and a fleet of awesome high-tech vehicles, Major Mango is a kid-favorite.  Partly because she’s a hero who teaches them cool secret codes, and partly because she’s a popular e-sports champ with her own gaming channel where she dominates the competition!

Poncho Punch

Poncho Punch is a brilliant song writer and musician on a quest to discover the world’s most unusual musical instruments.  And there are a ton of them!  He prefers acoustical instruments but doesn’t shy away from the occasional electronic oddity. Poncho is a global music ambassador who celebrates diversity and the never-ending rhythm of fun.

When not strumming his guitar at Kook’s dinner parties, or accompanying Lil, Poncho hits the road for adventure, visiting cultures far and wide and making great friends everywhere he goes. “Hola, amigo!” Being multi-lingual helps on his quest.  He speaks fluent English and Spanish.

As Poncho dives into every culture on Earth, he explores their customs, their dances, and their traditional-wear aka how they fiesta!  As Poncho plays their wonderful instruments in jam sessions galore, he records his beats and brings them home to DJ Tropicool who mixes them into hit dance songs.

Anita Fruit Punch

Anita Fruit Punch is a pro beach volleyball champ who is known for her amazing speed, her invincible spikes, and her rousing catchphrase, “Anita fruit punch and I need it now!”

Upbeat and confident, Anita has tons of fans, both young and old, and she always takes the time to chat with them and sign ottergraphs after matches.

A fresh water otter who hails from the mangrove swamps of South East Asia, Anita is a firm believer in achievement through practice, good sportsmanship, and the unbelievably transformative power of scrunchies…. Which, according to Alexander the Grape, were first invented in 1987 by a woman who named the invention after her pet poodle.

When Anita’s not competing for accolades, she likes to chill on the beach where she surfs, and organizes beach clean-ups, because according to her, “Happiness comes in waves.”

Strawberry Short Kook

Strawberry Short Kook is an Otter-winning actor turned movie mogul.  Now, she makes her own movies and calls the shots at her own major studio, Otternational Pictures. Kook specializes in working with strong female writers and directors, giving them a spotlight to shine.

As a child, Kook dreamed of being an actress but her road to success wasn’t an easy one. While in school, she felt left out and had low self-esteem because she was so short.  But she never lost sight of her dream, and after years of waiting tables she got her big break, and the rest, as Alexander the Grape says, is history.

When Kook isn’t in the boardroom making multi-picture deals, or on the red carpet making star-studded appearances, she supports Lil’s animal rescue work, enjoys yoga classes, and loves having everyone over for dinner.  But she doesn’t like to cook.  She lets Louie Bloo do that.  He loves to cook and he’s the best chef around.

DJ Tropicool

DJ Tropicool is an animal on-stage.  Literally!  One of the top up-and-coming DJs on the scene, he’s a prodigy turntablist and MC with a baseline and light show that turns life into a dance party.

Smart, charming, and entrepreneurial, DJ’s success lies in his off the charts musical abilities and his amazing coding skills.  He’s an artistic pioneer, a new breed of maestro known as a live-coder who writes code for AI that mixes music into irresistible new beats for a whole new generation.  This is some next-level stuff!

This cool otter pup is a good, all-around, open-source kinda guy who gladly shares his coding and mixing skills with digital natives everywhere.  He’s the new creative voice in digital dance music!  Just ask Anita Fruit Punch.  DJ Tropicool performs at all of her volleyball tournaments, and that gives her the upper edge.

Little Orphan Orange

Little Orphan Orange likes to be called Lil and she wants you to know that she’s not frowning, that’s just how she smiles! With Melon Collie by her side, she smiles a lot.  Especially when she paints his toenails pink.  It tickles, and Melon Collie’s laugh is infectious.  These two are quite a pair.  They crack each other up and always see the good in others.

A true lover of all animals, Lil may be small but her heart is as big as an elephant.  She spends her days helping animals in need, and spends her nights singing them to sleep.  She has a lovely voice, and likes to accompany Poncho Punch on his guitar.

Innocent and kind, Lil sees the world through pure kid logic.  With her adorable chalky-sounding voice, she asks the questions that all kids want answered.  Does the tooth fairy visit a shark a thousand times?  How do you give a fish a bath?  Do fancy cats use glitter boxes? Her friend and mentor, Strawberry Short Kook, says, “Yes, fancy cats do use glitter boxes.”  And Kook should know.  She works in ottertainment.

Cosmic Coconut

Cosmic Coconut is an enthusiastic tweenager who is ready for blast off, but hasn’t finished her training yet. Like many kids her age, Cosmic is overly-eager, and rarin’ to go, but not yet quite prepared. She’s an ordinary kid with an extraordinary dream. She aspires to be the greatest astronaut ever… to go where no otter has gone before… to find cool, new worlds that have water because otters love water.  In fact, the words “otter” and “water” come from the same ancient word.  Pretty cool, huh?

As a quick-witted junior astronaut with a take-charge attitude, Cosmic touts her own catchphrase, “Why not?” She believes anything is possible, especially with all latest breakthroughs in science because they seem like science fiction and she loves that! A fan of sci-fi comics, space movies, and music, Cosmic downloads her favorite media directly into the control panel on her space suit. She has all of DJ Tropicool’s hits on her playlist, and rocks to them on repeat.

The only thing Cosmic loves more than space is her friends. She looks up to DJ, who’s a few years older than her, and she loves Little Orphan Orange like a kid sister.

Sir Isaac Lime

Sir Isaac Lime is a brilliant otter-space scientist and he has the British accent to prove it. A jovial supergenius who loves a good joke, Sir Isaac can unlock the mysteries of the universe but he can’t find his car keys. He’s a whimsical whiz kid in a quirky grandpa’s body with his own catchphrase, “Look for the stars in the eyes of others.”

A lifelong researcher, Sir Isaac encourages kids to keep their imaginations alive and ask every question under the sun because “life would be boring if we ran out of questions.”

With his trusty telescope, Sir Isaac brings the wonders of the cosmos into view and shares them with us through pictures. He loves making guest appearances at planetariums, and is an ardent supporter of solar power.

Brilliant, benevolent, and beloved by all, Sir Isaac is Cosmic Coconut’s #1 hero! And the feeling is mutual. Sir Isaac sees a special spark in Cosmic. He shares his research with her, and in return she shares her dreams.

Louie-Bloo Raspberry

Louie-Bloo Raspberry is a gentle soul, with a lilting French accent who says, “Follow your heart because there’s art in it.” He’s a creative genius with his own web channel where he shows us how to make everything from cool T-shirt designs, to glow-in-the-dark bikes, and hand-crafted sweet nothings.

This guy is a true innovator who sees art everywhere and shows us that there’s more than one way to look at the world.  The only thing Louie-Bloo likes more than art is Strawberry Short Kook.  He doesn’t let a day go by without giving her a flower.

“Louie-Bloo Sees the Artist in You” is the title of his theme song which was written by Poncho Punch, and performed by DJ Tropicool.

Alexander The Grape

Alexander the Grape

Alexander the Grape is a whimsical “odder” and wanna-be time traveler who is absolutely fascinated and overjoyed by the origin of everything.  From the history of ketsup to the origin of the high-five, this toga-clad history buff knows it all!  And shares it all with wide-eyed enthusiasm!

A lovebale eccentric, he wears a toga because it’s comfy and he wears a laurel wreath on his head because he won it in a trivia game where he knew that fireworks began as a cooking accident in ancient China. Wacky and wonderful, Alexander is an amazing storyteller whom the other otters love to bits.  Especially Lil, DJ, and Cosmic.  They love him like a favorite uncle and are glued to every word of his magical tales of yesteryear.

Anita was blown away to learn that the high-five was created by a women’s volleyball team in 1961.  “Cool that!”  Louie Bloo was amazed to learn that Leon-otter DaVinci created scissors.  “How cutting edge!”  And Major Mango absolutely adores Alexander’s voluminous tales of the Otterman Empire.  “Who doesn’t?”